Our Approach to Therapy

Physical therapist Rick Perez treats patient

Personalized Treatment with a Physical Therapist

Patients are scheduled for 45-60 minute appointments, rather than the 30 minute sessions more commonly used at other facilities.

Exercise Programs are Always Supervised

How an exercise is performed is essential for proper recruitment of muscles, prevention of excessive strain on joints and increasing awareness of proper body mechanics.

Experienced Therapists

All therapists have experience treating orthopedic and sports injuries. Continuing education is a priority at Uptown Physical Therapy.

I'm sending my heart-felt thanks to you for your ever-present talents and abilities, especially for sending my sciatic hob-goblin on his way.  Your wisdom, Rick, extends in many directions and is appreciated by all, I'm sure, not only as a therapist, but as the feeling of a friend who cares and listens!  My best wishes for your future continued success and the ambiance of your most-welcoming facility.   ~ In gratitude, JH

Our Services

  • Individual Therapeutic Exercise programs target muscles and joints which may need to be stretched and specific strengthening for weakened muscles. The therapist may use a variety of exercise techniques that are determined to be beneficial for your individual needs.
  • Posture & Body Mechanics involves correct positioning of the body and joints to maintain good alignment and prevent abnormal stress on the body and decrease the risk of injury or re-injury. Therapists instruct patients in proper posture and body mechanics during the course of treatment.
  • Core Stabilization (including Pilates and Gyrotonic Exercise) involves working the deep abdominal and spinal muscles to promote proper posture and alignment. Core strength also helps to reinforce correct body mechanics that are necessary to avoid injury. Core stabilization incorporates Pilates based mat exercises with props such as a gymball, foam roller, balance discs and resistive bands.
  • Vestibular Rehab addresses balance deficits through the use of specific exercises that improve the body’s ability to adapt to head, eye and body movement. BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) is one type of dizziness that is caused by an inner ear problem. The Epley maneuver is often extremely helpful in treating BPPV.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident and Worker’s Compensation Injuries are welcome at Uptown Physical Therapy. The goal is to decrease pain and restore function to pre-injury levels.
Patient receiving knee therapy
  • Manual Therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered through the hands, not through machines or devices. Joint and soft tissue restrictions are mobilized or stretched using a variety of techniques.
  • Hand Therapy treats and rehabilitates a patient through preventive, non-operative or conservative treatment as well as through post-surgical treatment.
  • Kinesio Taping, when combined with rehabilitation and manual therapy, can help not only an injured athlete’s return to competition, but also speed the healing of a variety of other injuries.
    Read more about Kinesio Taping »
Patient receiving toe therapy Patient receiving neck therapy
  • Balance and Fall Prevention involves asking patients about recent falls and testing for risk for future falls and balance deficits. If indicated, instruction in balance training exercises is included in physical therapy treatments.
  • Post-operative Therapy is one of the rehabilitation specialties at Uptown Physical Therapy. Therapists will guide you through the post-operative time period increasing your function and independence. Techniques are used to relieve pain, increase muscle strength and increase range-of-motion as they are indicated as well as working on gait or other functional activities.
  • Spinal Care begins with an evaluation of neck and back pain, including an analysis of postural alignment, movement mechanics, joint mobility, soft tissue mobility, flexibility and muscle strength. A treatment program is then designed to address biomechanical dysfunctions present. Manual therapy in conjunction with patient education and individualized exercise prescription are the foundation of our treatment approach.

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How do I even start to say thank you for everything that you have done for me?  I have been so incredibly blessed and thankful for the time that I have been able to spend here with you. Elizabeth, thanks for letting me pick your brain on missions and nursing and for all of the leg work you do for us in the office. Rick, you have been an amazing example and mentor to me and you have become a father-like figure to me as well.  I wish you both the very best, and I will miss you dearly!  God bless, and with love,   ~ AH (PTA intern)